Seoul Foreign School:
Impactful Global Citizens
Dedicated to the Service of Others



1 Definitions of service and active global citizenship at SFS:
What we do and how we do it

2 Agreed upon indicator system to pilot & implement in collecting data on progress:
SFS Pillars of service and citizenship
Observable / measurable teacher and student skills and behaviors

3 How do we build in effective professional learning within other initiatives?
Design principles for this SFS strategic initiative

4 Identify roles, responsibilities, & semester one timeline
When and where


1 Definitions and Pillars of Active Global Citizenship & Service

Our Vision of Service as Action (PYP & DP)

Service as Action Self-Assessment (PYP & DP)



2 School-wide Indicators for Service & Citizenship:
Leveraging SFS Strengths &
Service/Global Competence Integration Possibilities



3 Fitting Service and Citizenship
into Best Practices in Professional Learning at SFS



4 Identified Collaboration Points for 2019-20

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