Inspire Citizens works with communities to design, customize, & implement problem-based learning & impactful solutions for the good of all & the sustainable development of the world.

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Amplify Learning through Empathy to Impact

Global Impact Schools Self-Assessment: What can your school do to provide opportunities for personal, local, and global impact? Our 10 pathways, with indicators and benchmarks, combined with our on-site support, can help guide the critical transformation in becoming a truly Global Impact School.
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Global Competence & Impact Profile: Student learning centers on the goal of competencies that create impact for collective well-being and sustainable development.
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Meet the Co-Founders

Aaron Moniz
Inspire Citizens
Co-director and Founder
Global Impact Schools:
Lead Consultant and Facilitator

After being the teacher team leader for the innovative ISB Futures Academy in Beijing and now a global TeachSDGs ambassador, Aaron now envisions education as empowering students to desire active citizenship in our world, equipped with knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will contribute to a sustainable future and counter social inequality and environmental degradation. Through providing teachers and students with effective systems thinking frameworks and tools such as media literacy strategies and action planning in project-based environments, he strives to help schools, students, and communities be change agents to positively impact our world.

Steve Sostak
Inspire Citizens
Co-director and Founder
Global Impact Schools:
Lead Consultant and Facilitator

Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school on three continents, Steve now specializes in embedding empathy, global competence, and UN SDG targets into whole schools and classrooms that empower students to make local and global community impact. He prepares administrative teams and K-12 teachers to incorporate global competence into project-based learning, curriculum and lesson plans, remaining sensitive to standards, criteria, competencies, language objectives, and tools for effective and efficient planning, feedback, and assessments. As a global TeachSDGs ambassador, Steve is also lead facilitator for the Inspire Citizens' student programs: 17 Skills for 17 Goals and Global Youth Media.

Our Team

Kavita Tanna
Global Competence in Early Childhood
Global Impact Schools’ Associate Developer
Workshop facilitator

Jacob Sule
Global Competence Training in Africa
Workshop facilitator
iReadtoLive initiative

Dave Freeman
Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Director of Inspire Centers for Global Literacy
Workshop facilitator

Laura Fleming
Design and Making for Impact
Workshop Facilitator
Worlds of Making

Learn more about our student interns and our extended education team

Inspire Citizens works to empower all students, educators, and schools to foster deep community relationships and projects that enhance curriculum, programs, and service to help solve the world’s most pressing problems and make significant, positive impacts on student learning, collective wellbeing, and sustainable development.

Our work centers on globally-minded, holistic, and customized curriculum support, bringing learning to life by implementing school-wide visioning, strategic and personalized planning, co-teaching, student empowerment, and the building of internal capacity for global competence, service learning, and relevant problem-based learning, built upon local and global community engagement.

Our student-centered pedagogy is built on the foundation of relevant, problem-based learning through an Empathy to Impact approach & framework.
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Through our Empathy to Impact approach, we help infuse global competence, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and media literacy into learning which encompassed inquiry, design thinking, curricular standards, language objectives, and 21st-century skills.

Our professional learning design principles support educators in diving deeply into ways to link global competencies, disciplinary standards, and people skills, such as those found in our 17 Skills for 17 Goals.

17 Skills for 17 Goals: Working with students on “soft” people skills builds a toolkit and enhances the impact for effective and sustainable community engagement, problem solving, and learning.
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Our design principles for best practices in professional learning & collaboration support a sustainable and successful roll-out of global impact without initiative overload.
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Our Global Impact School partners are dedicated to a full-community transformation rooted in greater empathy, global and cultural competence, sustainable thinking, and community impact. Our ten pathways, with indicators and benchmarks, support the institutional systems that enhance relevant student-centered learning and positive community development.

Centered on three United Nations’ sustainable development targets for quality education, our educational and philanthropic mission works to:

  • 4.7: Educate for sustainable development and global competence and citizenship

  • 4.5: Eliminate all discrimination in education

  • 4C: Increase the supply of qualified educators in developing regions

Pushing Boundaries, North America

In August, Inspire Citizens partnered with   Pushing Boundaries  , an innovative collective of global educators who have banded together to provide educators and students with tools and frameworks to explore and implement transformational practices, holistic wellbeing, and more sustainable, equitable, and impactful outcomes for the future of education and the world.

In August, Inspire Citizens partnered with Pushing Boundaries, an innovative collective of global educators who have banded together to provide educators and students with tools and frameworks to explore and implement transformational practices, holistic wellbeing, and more sustainable, equitable, and impactful outcomes for the future of education and the world.

Our Strategic Partners

Full Model, Global Impact Schools:
Seoul Foreign School, Seoul, South Korea
Beijing City International School, Beijing, China
Tsinghua International School, Beijing, China

Strategic Partner Organizations
and Partial Model Schools:
Concordia International School, Shanghai
Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia
ESEE, Beijing
Teaspoons of Change, Australia
Worlds of Making, USA
Shekou International School, China
AFS Global Conference, Montreal
Out of the Blocks Podcast, USA
iReadToLive Initiative, Nigeria
Belouga, USA
American School of Kosova, Kosovo
Parlay Ideas, Toronto
Jump! Foundation, Thailand
Global Citizenship Foundation, New Delhi
The Inspire Project US, USA
Wildbound, Beijing
Live With Less, Beijing
MICDS, St Louis, USA
The International School of Macao, Macao
Design for Change, USA
Decoding Sustainability, Beijing
Kbuddah Training and Wellbeing, USA

Past News

Summer 2019 Updates:

Out of the Blocks teamed up with Inspire Citizens to spend a week at Seoul Foreign School, working with students on empathy, active listening, and community impact through positive media. The week culminated in a Global Youth Media Conference, when 150 middle & high school kids from international schools in places like Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Abu Dhabi headed out into the streets of Seoul to interview strangers. Check out this special audio postcard, and hear what the students learned about others and about themselves.
Check out Seoul Foreign School’s VoiceLab to see some of the videos, stories, and the first member station of the Inspire Citizens’ Global Youth Media (GYM) hub. This GYM hub will be launched in July 2019 with the support of student-led member stations from around the globe.

Student-Centered Projects 2019-20:

Steve and Aaron talked with podcast host, Jeremy Williams, of Dismissed about the Empathy to Impact Approach and the “Why” behind Global Competence, students engaging with UN SDGs, and the Global Impact School model.

AFS Content Partnership:

Inspire Citizens has teamed with other global education groups to be content partners for the second AFS Global Conference in Montreal, Canada this October. Pre-conference workshops and other shorter workshops will be offered for deep dives into Empathy to Impact, Global Youth Media, and 17 Skills for 17 Goals.

Fantastic Two-Day Global Impact Workshops
in Colorado & Arkansas:

On the Ground with
Inspire Citizens