Build empathy. 
Design curriculum.
Embed SDGs. 
Spark citizenship.
Develop leaders. 
Impact communities.

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Inspire Citizens is a teacher-created collective that empowers all students and educators to co-create globally-minded, holistic, and customized project-based learning environments. 

We aim to collaboratively design high-impact action opportunities, rooted in community, public media, and wellness -- all linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets, curricular standards and objectives, and OECD global competence frameworks and indicators.

Our Mission-Driven UN Sustainable Development Targets:

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Aaron Moniz

After being the teacher team leader for the innovative ISB Futures Academy in Beijing, Aaron now envisions education as empowering students to desire active citizenship in our world, equipped with knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will contribute to a sustainable future and counter social inequality and environmental degradation. Through providing teachers with effective thinking frameworks and tools such as media literacy strategies and action planning in project-based environments, he strives to help schools, students, and communities be change agents to positively impact our world.

Steve Sostak

Following 15 years teaching internationally, Steve now specializes in embedding global competence frameworks and sustainable thinking into classrooms. He prepares primary and secondary school teachers to incorporate global competence in their curricula and lesson plans, remaining sensitive to standards and criteria, language objectives, and tools for effective and efficient planning, feedback, and assessments. He is also a lead facilitator for student leadership and Impact Campaign programs.

Inspire Citizens
Global Competence
Educational Services and Programs:


Unit and Lesson Planning for
Global Competence, Empathy, & Social Action

We cohesively help teachers and schools to align diverse curricula, standards and criteria, and best-practice teaching to UN Sustainable Development Goals and the OECD Global Competence Framework. Goal: Student-centered mastery of disciplinary skills, global competencies, and action.

Global Youth Media

We help create student-centered journalism platforms, storytelling publications, and media literacy conferences centering on the power of media to spark empathy, build community, and create positive change in our challenging world.

Citizens Makers
& Design for Impact

We support schools in evaluating and leveling-up Makers and engineering programs by linking to sustainability indicators, crafting design thinking that includes SDG targets, enhancing service learning, and building empathy.


Activists in Residence

We partner with artists, musicians, poets and writers, podcast hosts, NGOs and other change makers to develop project-based curriculum that can connect to all learners in a school community. 21st-century learning, empathy, service, sustainability, and linking to standards and criteria are priorities.

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Student Leadership:
Impact Campaigns
17 Skills for 17 Goals

We train student leaders, facilitate workshops, and help support student-led events and conferences linked to service, sustainability, and social impact. Following a path of building empathy, learning to lead, and sharing your story, students engage with elements such as active listening, needs analysis, root cause discovery, essentialism, measuring sustainability, confidence building, and design and photography to capture the essence of a cause and vision. 

Professional Learning
& Keynotes

We offer activity-driven and thought-provoking workshops and keynotes that work as catalysts for supporting a shift towards competency-based education.

We effectively answer, “Why global competence? And how?”