The Arab Spring
and Syrian Revolution

“A call to civil disobedience
and an appeal to all social classes:
The Syrian people know their way"

Opponents of Egypt's deposed Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi celebrate in Cairo in 2013. Hassan Ammar / AP

Opponents of Egypt's deposed Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi celebrate in Cairo in 2013. Hassan Ammar / AP

Frameworks for thinking and questioning






SOCIAL Structure and Gender

Activists for Change: Six Short Films and Teaching Resources on Women’s Roles in the Arab Spring


Inquiry Sources: Videos, readings, ArT, Hip Hop

What is the Arab Spring?

The Arab Spring is the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Middle East and in North Africa since 2010. The economic crisis led the population of several countries to defy their authoritarian governments.

The War in Syria:
Who is fighting and why?

After four-plus years of fighting, Syria's war has killed at least hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. And, though it started as a civil war, it's become much more than that. It's a proxy war that has divided much of the Middle East, and has drawn in both Russia and the United States. To understand how Syria got to this place, it helps to start at the beginning and watch it unfold.

Tunisia: How arab unrest unfolded

CNN looks at how the Arab unrest that dominated headlines in 2011 first emerged in Tunisia, then spread to Egypt.

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The Arab Spring Five Years On: Amnesty international

Who are the White Helmets? NY TIMES COnflict in Syria Videos

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Hip Hop and the Arab Uprisings
Portland State

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INfographics about the Arab Spring

Egypt: seeds of revolution

A film following the activists who led Egypt's revolution, as they attempt to capitalize on their unexpected success.

Unrealized Dreams: Egypt After the Arab Spring | NBC News

NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin, who reported on the 2011 Egyptian revolution with Al Jazeera English and later NBC, looks back on the tumultuous years following the uprising. We hear from three people who reflect on their involvement in the revolution five years ago and where they see things today.

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Graffiti and Street Art tells an explosive story of the Arab Spring
Neat Designs

Syria: The Boy who started the syrian war

Al Jazerra examines the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria.  

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Syrian Civil War:
Newsela Text Set

Syria's civil war began six years ago. Half a million people have been killed and most of the country's residents are now displaced. International powers, including the United States and Russia, have gotten involved. These articles will help explain the complicated relationships in the politics of this war and personalize some of its devastating effects.

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Symbols and Slogans of the Arab Spring

Change and Continuity

Voices from Syria:
Non-Fiction Narratives Crafted by the Students


"The people want the overthrow of the regime!"

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