Inspire Citizens'
Student Interns

The goal of the Inspire Citizens' student internship program is to provide leadership opportunities to passionate learners and workshop facilitators in the areas of sustainable thinking, global competence, and community-driven journalism. The following students have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to facilitating global development of SDG-driven leadership workshops, international student journalism programs, and in becoming change agents in the field of global citizenship.

Christina L
Christina’s has co-planned and facilitated school-wide journalism conferences for the Inspire Citizens Global Youth Media program which she will continue to develop as a peer-coach for other international students. She also leads workshops in Beijing on the 17 Skills for 17 Goals Student Leadership Program as part of her regular contributions to the Inspire Citizens’ mission.

Tori G
Tori, a passionate advocate for quality education, understands the dynamic of global inequalities in relation to literacy and opportunity. She states, “I’ve really benefitted from access to high-functioning and innovative schools, whereas many people do not have this kind of privilege. From my understanding, better education is the foundation for the society to improve and progress. People who really in need of the improvements of the society will need education as a tool to break the negative cycle of society.” Because of this, Tori has co-facilitated and spoken at Global Issues Network Conferences while now being an Inspire Citizens intern focusing on student empowerment for teaching literacy and understanding best practices to share with volunteers, peers, and educators globally. She is collaborating now with the excellent ESEE service learning group in Beijing.

Lucy S
After living in Lima and Kuala Lumpur, Lucy now resides in Beijing working to help lessen the impacts of cities on the environment. She is particularly passionate about literature and has been a great contributor to the Activist in Residence program, specifically with Salva Dut of Water for South Sudan. Lucy is a regular leader in the 17 Skills for 17 Goals program and a consistent contributor to Global Youth Media Projects.

Lily G
Lily has shined in the student-led workshops on SDG targets and leadership skills and was asked to join the Inspire Citizens’ Interns following her rave reviews of facilitating hands-on learning for and audience of teachers and parents. She possesses a strong understanding of collaborative skills, but also the courage to take risks to work alone and with older students. She will begin by working in the 17 Skills for 17 Goals Program but also has shown excitement and interest in the ESEE service learning opportunity among other Inspire Citizens’ programs.

Si Ming F
Si Ming is a student specialist in leading workshops for peers on introductions to the SDGs and systems thinking in relation to the interconnectedness of goals and targets. He also has worked with the 17 Skills for 17 Goals Program to bring leadership skills and sustainability together for younger children.


Global Youth Media, Beijing Student Team