If you are going to know me…

If you are going to know me, you have to know that my personal story centers on empathy. Back in grade six, I joined Futures Public Radio, the International School of Beijing’s journalism club. I quickly fell in love with public media and the idea that “everybody has a story”, and I felt a responsibility to share the stories of real global change makers. I wanted my audience to find inspiration to change the world and I hope to continue this civic journalism journey into university.

When I first joined FPR, I was a quiet contributor, but I set my mind on being a leader in our club.  At the start of that year, I took a risk and reached out to CNN Hero, Khali Sweeney of Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym, and he shared his story of “books before boxing.”  Then I interviewed Ishmael Beah, author of A Long Way Gone, and he told his story of self-forgiveness.  Next, I connected with Out of the Blocks, a podcast from Baltimore, and then led our Beijing version capturing the wisdom of senior citizen women adjacent to our school.  And just today, I interviewed Mona Patel, the founder of the non-profit San Antonio Amputee Foundation, and she told her story of facing challenges and finding personal callings.

Everybody does have a story.  And my story is one of capturing inspiration... one story at a time.