What does leadership mean to you?

What are three leadership skills that you think are essential? Why?

How do you think leaders define success?

How is “success” defined by the following people or groups?
- Chinese culture
- YouTube videos
- Your parents
- You


1. Listen
The Art of Active Listening and the Follow Up Question
How do we actively listen and why is it important in leadership and problem solving?

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 3.23.29 PM.png


2. Be Curious and Seek Problems
The Power of Observation
What are the UN SDGs and how do we observe our community with
UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind?

As we walk around the block, use your power of observation and the UN SDGs to identify five or more issues or problems you are concerned about in your community.

Some ideas to consider:
Population related issues, pollution, waste management, gender differences, biodiversity loss, lack of sustainable energy, inequalities, poverty, malnutrition, clean water.


3. Get Focused: Identify a Target
What is Your United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal or Target ?
How do we “glocalize” a UN SDG and target?
How can the equation Target + Talent = Action lead to an impactful action?


4. Understand the Why
Root Cause Analysis
How can we get to the root causes of an issue to help us problem solve more effectively?

The deepest-level cause of a problem is called the root cause: The root cause is “the why at the bottom” that sets in motion the entire cause-and-effect chain causing the problem(s).


5. Remember the “Ripple Effect”
One small change can…
How does problem solving for one SDG target
spark other goals and targets in a community?


6. Analyze Interconnections:
Dynamic Systems Thinking: Causal Loop Diagrams
How will solving one SDG target
both positively and negatively affect other targets?


7. Gain Perspective:
Take Opportunities to Better Understand the Lives and Circumstances of Others
How does perspective help to support problem solving in communities?


8. Perform a Community Needs Assessment:
Collect data to impact policy, systems, or environmental change
How does a needs assessment work and why is it crucial for leading a
successful community impact campaign?

Though needs assessment is an iterative process, we can think of in terms of two kinds of activities: gathering data and working with data. JIPS


Community Impact Event:
Student-Led SDGs and Leadership Workshop

Inspire Citizens_ Student Leadership Training and Impact Campaigns.png

Student-Led Workshops:
Introduction to Leadership Skills (Phase 1)
January 13, 2019
Crowne Plaza, Shunyi
3:30pm: Open to parents and educators