Personal Project
Discovery Week
Student Leadership
Service as Action


Today’s objectives:

  1. Brief understanding of Empathy to Impact

  2. Use a Global Competence Framework and/or SDG targets to develop potential inquiry questions for DW trips

  3. How can we help? What do you need?

Global Competencies


SFS: Dedicated to the
Service of Others / @inspirecitizen2 / @inspirecitizen1

Today’s Objectives:

1. Co-design an ideal definition for Service as Action and “Dedicated to the Service of Others” at SFS

2. Connect SFS Service Learning to a global competence lens to develop a mindset for active global citizenship

3. Help the service learning task force to identify strengths, dreams, and next steps



What is Service as Action at SFS?



Why Do We Need
Global Competence?

  • to live harmoniously in multicultural communities



Community Self-Assessment on Service & Global Competence