1: Why Discover?

Let’s begin by illuminating our three mindset shifts in Discovery Week 2019:
1. group purpose, community engagement & impact
2. personal growth
3. documentation & exhibition

Share today’s objectives with all participants in the DW experience:
- Review the context of the DW experience (5Ws + H)
- Identify a group purpose - a target for community engagement & potential impact
- Craft an inquiry question(s), questions for discovery, that will help provide depth and purpose to the experience
- Submit your group’s thoughtful Venn diagram

Resource: DW Educator Brainstorm

For facilitators & student leaders:

Remind yourself about the general process in developing inquiry questions for the DW experiences (click on images to make them pop open).

While the UN SDG Target cards are a fantastic resource for identifying a purpose, also see below that some experiences may cater better to including a wellness goal or a more specific community need via the Compass tool.

Utilize the Venn diagram in three ways:

1. Work together to build context in the first circle about the experience itself

2. Utilize the second circle to ideate and then focus on a community engagement or impact target(s) that can be agreed upon by the group

3. By honing in on the target(s), craft an inquiry question or set of questions that will guide discovery, service and/or action during the week

4. Submit the final, student created Venn diagram and inquiry question(s) to heather.adkins@seoulforeign.org

Building Initial Context

Tools for Identifying DW Targets:

UN SDG Targets can be great for pinpointing community engagement and impact on a DW trip

Thinking sustainably using the Compass can also help identify areas to focus your impact, especially in doing a campus or site sustainability assessment

A wellness wheel can also be a great framework for thinking about finding a target for action or personal growth

Here’s an example of how a Compass assessment can work on a local school campus to identify opportunities for service, engagement, or impact.

Crafting a Thoughtful Inquiry Question: