Why do the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals matter?


Activity 1:
Happy New Year 2019 & 2030:
Red Envelopes to Our Students and Children

In order for our world to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, we need for you to do some dynamic systems thinking.
With your team, and in order to spark our path to the 2030 goals, we need to think about what goal will get us going in 2019 and what goal will likely be attained last in 2030.

Why does your team think this? Think about how you envision the SDGs interconnecting. Be prepared to listen to others and justify your own choices.

2030. Year of the Dog. Nature Blogs

Activity 2:
What’s Your Target?
Finding Your Calling and
Building Inquiry Questions from SDG Targets

Teach SDGS.png

Activity 3:
Linking SDGs and Units
Level-Up Project-Based Learning,
Student Empathy, and Impactful Action

Extension Activity:
Going Deeper

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