BWYA September 18

Identify four main elements of fiction and how they are interconnected
Discuss how plot affects or is affected by characters, setting, and theme

Today’s Content Objective:
Steve w groups that met yesterday

Part A: 90’ + 15’
Identify and craft resources or tools to assist in achieving your team’s professional goals and apply it to your current (or next) unit

Part B: 15’
Establish and design a protocol for your peer observation, professional learning relationship

Aaron’s breakout group
Needs analysis (groups that didn’t meet yesterday)

Today’s Language Objective(s):

Part A:
Share out how your tools and resources will enhance the learning in your upcoming lessons and unit

Our team identified ___________ as a challenge and ____________ as a goal.
Therefore, we created ______________ as a solution to the challenge(s).
I think this will benefit EAL students in ______________ way.

Part B:
Comprehend, discuss, and plan the next steps in the peer observation, professional learning protocol

Today’s helpful tools:

Wida Can Do Descriptors
Helpful for planning SWRL activities and for collecting formative data on SWRL proficiencies

Co-teaching Models
Helps to creatively problems solve with your co-teachers to address classroom needs

Formative Assessments
60 quick and easy strategies to collect data and monitor progress
(suggestion: link to WIDA Can Dos)

Gotta put ‘em up.

1)    Read and analyze the BWYA Peer Observation Protocol

2)    Identify a partner that you would like to observe and a partner that you’d like to observe you.  (They may be the same. They may not) Observations can be 15-20 minutes and they should allow your observer to see you implementing your professional goal.

3)    Open your schedules and plan a day that you might like to observe each other