Learning Together:
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Our Why:
Global Competence
& the Future of Education


Why do we need global competence?

  • to live harmoniously in multicultural communities

  • to thrive in a changing labour market

  • to use media platforms effectively and responsibly

  • to support the Sustainable Development Goals

Schools play a crucial role in helping young people to develop global competence by:

  • providing opportunities to learn about global developments;

  • teaching students how they can develop a fact-based and critical worldview of today;

  • equipping students with the means to analyze a broad range of cultural practices and meanings;

  • engaging students in experiences that facilitate intercultural relations;

  • promoting the value of diversity



Inspire Citizens’ Global PLC Tweet Meets are committed to:

Whole Child, Student-Centered Learning
The Empathy to Impact Cycle
Cultural Competency
Sharing Stories
Sustainable Development
Building Diverse, Professional Friendships


Q3 Kosovo.png

Today’s Tweet Meet Procedures:

1. Be on the #LearningKosovo #InspireCitizens hashtag pages

2. Read the questions as they are posted each ten minutes (labeled Q1, Q2, Q3)

3. Craft thoughtful, short answers that contain A1, A2, A3 along with making sure the hashtags #LearningKosovo #InspireCitizens are in the answer

4. Reply thoughtfully to other participants’ answers

5. Learn & connect

6. Have fun

Meet Our #InspireCitizens #LearningKosovo Global Twitter PLC



Workshop 1:
Twitter for Education
Learn how to:

Create a profile
Create a dynamic header & post
Connect to quality global educators
Tag others
When to use a hashtag
Use retweets & replies effectively
Avoid the noise



Workshop 2:
Engaging with Tools, Frameworks, & Technology
for Global Competence & Sustainable Development



Panel Discussion & Storytelling:
PhotoVoice in Kosovo