The “What’s Your Story?” Workshop combines Hannah Northcott’s theater and performance expertise with Steve Sostak of Inspire Citizens’ community media know-how into an engaging two-hour journey that sparks authentic and creative collaboration, effective communication, and personal exploration.
     As a participant, you will engage in an empowering communication workshop and creative writing process – digging into your life’s turning points, reflecting on them and turning them into your own unique ‘story’. You will learn effective communication and storytelling techniques, finally walking away from this writing, performance and media workshop with your own meaningful story recorded on audio and video.
     The greatest takeaway, however, is finding and confidently articulating the ‘why’ behind one’s identity, vision, or brand. Behind every successful social movement, social identity, product or brand is a strong, compelling story.  What’s your story?

DJ ++ mini-Set


Power Up

One Minute Messages


The Universe is Made of Stories,
Not atoms.

Turning Points
Stories of epiphanies, callings, & Vocation

Vocation (N.) 
a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation

Deep Questioning & active Listening: 
Conversation as a Means of Inspiring Storytelling

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Start with the Why:
Be courageous,
Put your Heart & Dreams on the page


Tonight's writing toolkit






Creator Studio in YouTube

Creator Studio in YouTube