Universal Design for Learning 

Who are we? Needs based teaching for a variety of learners

Simulation stations (groups of 4-5: we all facilitate)

Our kids (3 cases: EF, Oral/Dys/Dysl, Process or Lang?) - Lin last

Your kids (Padlet case studies: Describe the main needs 2 sent / five behavior or challenges bullets)

What is UDL? (choice: express your understanding) - we circulate / quick share out / same understanding four diff ways

How do you know? (ID Student needs)
3 parallel sessions - within an Evan paradigm

Strategies website (10m independent navigation) - partners

Planner time (what are you teaching this week) - Indiv or w co-teach / Department

Next steps:
Steve -- website and Lin examples
Aaron -- leadership role / Steve walk through


Workshop Content Objectives

Apply strategies for identification of different needs (three case studies / advocacy for your students)
Understand the UDL model and access strategy banks
Create a lesson plan using these UDL strategies for diverse student needs


Workshop Language Objectives

Speaking: Utilize collaborative speaking strategies in group work and present out your application of UDL in your classroom
Writing: Create a lesson planner that includes UDL strategies to utilize immediately after Spring Break
Reading: Apply non-fiction reading strategies to conquer the UDL framework and resource website
Listening: Follow instructions to navigate site and listen to other teachers in order to help gather other ideas and make learning accessible to all. 

Checks for Understanding / Embedded Formative Assessment
Four corners

Identifying Student Needs

Curriculum Based Measurements (CBMS)*** (little bit of growth is huge!) audiobooks and Lin ex.

Embedded Formative Assessments 

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Portfolio Assessments (Blog UES, Seesaw)

Behavioral*** (with drawl, hiding, etc.) / Environmental Assessment Techniques

Ecological Assessments 

Extension Possibilities: 
Standard Score Discrepancy
Regression Based Discrepancy
Criterion Referenced*** (DRA, MAP) / Norm Referenced Assessment

Formal Standardized Assessments / Psychological Evaluations

Check for Understanding / Embedded Formative Assessment
Team mind map of UDL
Write the five sentence paragraph
Group voice memo / podcast

Planting Seeds for Co-Teaching (Early 2018-19)