Good Schools Plan,
Great Schools

As administrators and educators, we strive to develop students who are global citizens. Our school missions are crafted around meshing innovation, creativity, and citizenship, calling on our classrooms to be hubs for sustainable thinking and social change. Most, if not all of us, understand the what and why of global citizenship but struggle with how to embed it into projects and programs that go deeply into empathy, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and targets, metacognitive and 21st century skills, and impactful action all linked to school disciplinary, literacy, and technology standards.

Inspire Citizens and Jakarta Intercultural School have partnered in crafting a mission where all middle school students will be empowered to identify problems, build empathy, and design innovative, impactful, and sustainable solutions to address community needs and global issues. Design for Impact is a program dedicated to the cultivation of personal interests, the merging of problem solving and interdisciplinary skills, and the rich communication of thinking and learning experiences to make communities better and inspire a global network of change agents.

The Inspire Citizens and JIS professional, active-learning experience at this conference will follow an Empathy to Action journey through the Design for Impact program. Workshops will also illuminate other ways in which Inspire Citizens and schools have:

- Developed professional learning around SDG-embedded curricular frameworks linked to a range of standards and criteria

- Created Global Youth Media Makers programs

- Embedded Activists in Residence into a whole-school SDG/PBL experiences

- Facilitated Student Leadership Impact Campaigns: 17 Skills for 17 Goals.

We look forward to working with administrators and educators on walking away with applicable skills, ideas, and tools for immediate success in attaining our common mission for education rooted in a deeper level of global citizenship and sustainable, impactful action.  See you in Jakarta!

Above: An example of teaching frameworks developed with IPC schools.
Link: An example of work with MYP schools and teachers.