Community Media for Change:
The Power of Citizens Public Media

How and why to create a
media platform in your school

Judy went from an intermediate EAL student to the HS president of FPR in one school year

Evan’s experience with FPR helped to strengthen his processing, develop his word finding skills, developing his spoken confidence, improved his turn around and response time and allowed to shift from being a behind the scenes leader to speaker and leader in Futures Public Radio.

Media Makers Challenge: 
Create a short, publishable media piece
that answers the question: 
How do want education in Kosovo to evolve and link it to the Evolving Learners Conference?

Media genre, storyboarding, tone, and set design
Technology skills tools
Media design thinking: Editing

Media Team Goal:
By 3:45, your media team will have a 30-90 second piece that answers our guiding question.

Citizens Public Media:
Through the eyes and words of the students

This thought-provoking presentation maps Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz' vision for why and how we can and must integrate authentic journalism into all levels of schools in our complex world.  In the end, students apprentices drive the majority of this presentation, richly discussing their own visions for the power of media in attaining global competency, meaningful skills, and the ability to connect to a challenging and exciting world and make a difference.

Judy P
One Yuan Concerts: The Power of Music to Unite and Change the World

Lyndon B
Celebrating Diversity in a Multilingual Community

Sabrina L
Building a Student-Led, Global Competency Media Network

Evan L
Finding Confidence and a New Voice through Community Media

Christina L
Connecting Local Communities to Global Heroes

Shawn Q
The Past is Theirs, but the Future is Ours