two models for action plans integrated through: MKIS GIN club, AtKisson's Pyramid Lite, JUMP! Foundation, and UWC's GRRIP 


GINsanity Vision-Action Pyramid Model

Original GINsanity Pyramid Action Plan Model

Steps to utilizing the pyramid with pictures:  


Talent + Passion = Change:  In this simple but effective activity, students brainstorm talents and passions to combine into action statements.  Once chosen, a statement can be tweaked into a SMART goal and fully planned and designed using GRRIP. 

Class data for global thinking growth:  Here is a means of collecting some pre and post data on student self-assessment of their knowledge of global issues, their level of concern for the environment, feelings of empathy, and willingness to develop and participate in sustainable solutions.  Thanks to Mike Johnston (Colegio Maya) for support with part of this tool.

The Compass School Self-Assessment of Sustainability is an interactive tool for evaluating the existence and progress in development of different school focused systems required to successfully practice and model “education as sustainability” through the framework of the four Compass Points (Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing). We believe that it can help a school recognize systemic structural gaps in relation to fully integrating sustainability as a core value and practice in all domains and aspects of a school.